Welcome to Rotana Tours

It’s easier to talk when you know who you’re dealing with. Therefore, we would like to introduce our team at this point. You have information about the management as well as part of our employee

Fathy Katit - CEO

"I have more than 40 years of experience in the tourism industry, which gives me the opportunity to make the Hajj and Umrah trips professional. My heart has been beating for almost 20 years, especially when traveling with my brothers and sisters to the Hajj and Umrah. That is why I do everything to ensure that all the trips we offer leave nothing to be desired and remain unforgettable for everyone”.
Languages: German, Arabic, English

Sheish Abu Obeida - Religious Leader / Imam

"I wrote my doctoral thesis on Sharia and have been giving religious instruction in Germany for 30 years. For me, traveling with Rotana Tours GmbH is always a special event that is perfectly organized. ”
Languages: German, Arabic, English

Siyda Abdulla - Religious Travel Companion

"Thanks to my many years of experience with Rotana Tours GmbH and the support of numerous groups, I have very good knowledge of Saudi Arabia".
Languages: German, Kurdish, Arabic

Mamdouh Dissouky - Senior Tour Guide

“I have over 30 years of experience in the travel industry as an organizer and companion. My first priority is customer satisfaction ”.
Languages: German, Arabic, English

Khaled Mahdy - Head of Technology

"My past 15 years at Rotana Tours have dealt with diverse technologies from IT planning, Management, Business Intelligence, Mobile services, Core Network to Network Operation. I have successfully lead 600 Technology staff providing end to end technology outsourcing through planning and delivering high quality Technology professional services".
Languages: German, Arabic, English

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